Terms & Conditions


We place a priority on health and safety and work at all times to provide a safe coaching environment and advice. However, you will at times be exercising near other people and you must take responsibility for yourself. Please be aware of what is going on around you and respect the personal space of the other members

RESULTS inc staff are not healthcare professionals and do not provide medical advice. If you are in any doubt about your ability to exercise, you should consult a medical professional before starting any new training programme or altering any aspect of your lifestyle. Our advice is based on the assumption that you have no other injury or health issue other than what has been disclosed in your initial consultation. If anything changes, please let us know so that we can update your records

Data protection

As we offer a thorough and detailed service, we take lots of notes and details about you and your training. We understand these records are sensitive and so we treat them accordingly – we promise to keep all of your records safe and confidential. 


Your contract term commences on the date following your free trial sessions.

You can either sign up on a monthly contract or annually.

You will not be asked to sign a new contract at any time unless our terms change. With a monthly membership you can cancel your contract at any time with 60 days notice from the end of the current month. An annual membership runs from the 1st of the month for 12 months.


All payments are taken on the first day of every month using an online system called GoCardless. This system is quick and effective and we find it makes things easier to manage for us and our members.


All sessions at RESULTS inc have to be arranged via our online booking system called LegitFit. We politely ask you to try your best to arrive at your booked time slot. We understand life is hectic and you may be 10 minutes early or late. You can rearrange or cancel your workout using the online booking system too.